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Livingstone Price Match Promise

You like to get the best price on all your business supplies. You want the best value on your favorite brands and the convenience of having them delivered to you. We want that too which is why we’re committed to bringing you the best prices or as close to, as possible.

If you would like any further information on the Livingstone Price Match promise please call us on 02 8344 7300

Fluctuations in the Australian dollar mean our prices will change from time to time. Any change will remain in line with our Price Match Promise and our commitment to bringing you the best value we can.

How do I make a Price Match claim?

Our prices are guaranteed to be competitive at all times! We have done the shopping around for you.
We regularly compare prices in the market to ensure that our prices are the most competitive and offer the best value for our customers to buy with 100% confidence.

If, in the unlikely event that you have been offered a better price, we have a simple 2-step PRICE MATCH REQUEST procedure for you to enjoy best value at all times.

(e.g. website link, photo, email etc.) Of our competitor’s advertised price for the new, identical product, currently in stock. Once we verify the lower price is genuine (inclusive of delivery costs) and in stock, we will match the price and take a further 5% off the difference before you buy the item.

What items does the Price Match apply to?

Identical products under identical terms and conditions that are available on our site are eligible if you find products advertised and in stock from an authorised Australian retailer or reseller for a lower price.

An identical product means an identical model number, pack size, components and warranty. We also take into account the added cost of delivery. If your Livingstone order will receive free shipping and the competitor's order will not receive free shipping, we will include an appropriate shipping charge in the competitor's price before calculating the price match.

Exclusion include:

*The Livingstone Price Match Promise doesn’t apply to all brands.

^When reviewing prices, Livingstone converts the international currency to $AUD using the exchange rate averaged over the relevant 3-month period. Prices are then adjusted 1 month later. As the Australian dollar fluctuates, the daily exchange rate following our review may differ from the rates we used for the pricing review. The pricing of our brands is reviewed every 3 to 6 months. If the exchange rate fluctuates by more than 10% in a 3 month period, Livingstone may review prices more frequently.

**Livingstone includes an amount of 5% of the $AUD retail price to cover costs such as shipping and handling and 10% for the mandatory Australian GST. To keep things simple, we round this final amount to the nearest dollar

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